Quality Assurance

Carey Training holds formal quality accreditation in AS/NZS ISO9001:2008.  This is an international standard related to quality management and is based on eight quality management principles:

– Customer Focus
– Leadership
– Continual Improvement
– Process Approach
– Involvement of People
– System Approach to Management
– Fact Based Decision Making
– Mutually Beneficial Supplier Relationships


Benefits to our customers

  • Carey Training has a formal Quality Policy which is a clear statement from management which is focussed towards the needs of our customers.
  • The Quality Policy is understood and adhered to at all levels by our employees, with each employee working towards measurable objectives.
  • The Company makes decisions about quality controls based on interpretation and trends of the recorded data we periodically and systematically collect.
  • The Quality System is systematically and regularly audited and evaluated for conformance and improvement.
  • Carey Training has documented procedures for dealing with actual and potential non-conformances (problems involving suppliers, customers, or internal problems).Carey Training has formal systems and processes for communicating with customers about service information, enquiries, feedback, and complaints.
  • Carey Training regularly conducts internal auditing procedures to determine whether the services delivered meet training package requirements, regulatory requirements, and customer needs.