About us


Carey Training

To succeed in today’s fast paced and competitive world of business, organisations need to maximise the potential of their staff through high quality, effective and relevant training.

Carey Training has been operating for more than a decade and is committed to providing businesses with flexible, responsive and tailored training solutions designed to grow the organisation through skilling its people and future staff.

Carey Training is guided by industry in the development and delivery of relevant cutting edge training that increases the skills, knowledge and capabilities of your staff while simultaneously providing organisations with the competitive edge required to succeed in a global market place.

Our qualified trainers will deliver a highly professional program that will challenge your staff in a workplace relevant, dynamic and interactive environment with a range of adult learning techniques that maximise learning outcomes for the benefit of the workers and their organisation.


Our Commitment

Carey Training’s goal is to form strong, trusting and mutually beneficial relationships with organisations, their staff and all clients and course participants to ensure the best outcomes.


Our Services

Pre-employment / Existing Worker Training

We offer a range of pre-employment programs that include the development of employability skills and knowledge such as communication, teamwork, problem solving, planning and initiative and occupational health and safety.

Through consultation with employers, participants are well prepared for effective and productive transition into the workplace.

We also deliver a comprehensive range of training programs for new or existing staff to either enable a quick transition into the workplace or promote career advancement and productivity gains beneficial to all parties.

At the request of the organisation, Carey Training will develop a customised response to meet its workforce development needs through delivering either a full qualification or a range of selected short courses and/or skill sets.


Flexible Training

Carey Training offer a range of delivery options including an on-site focus reflecting the particular workplace’s requirements integrated with normal business activities. We also offer classroom based training at either the employer’s premises, our location or a neutral venue where groups of participants can undertake carefully constructed and dynamic programs related to their workplace.